Vision, Excellence, Diligence.

Strategist. Software engineer. Public relations wizard.

VP Engineering atIndicium Technologies AG.

The mind is a complex and beautiful entity that defies comprehension. Its intricate network of thoughts is the epitome of a harmonious chaos. Our vision, however, is not just a mere gaze, but a persistent determination to push beyond our limitations.

Every experience is an opportunity to grow, even if not all of them are immediately recognizable as such. It is our responsibility to seize these opportunities and use them as stepping stones for progress.

Our focus should not be on the idea or the project itself, but on the individuals we touch and the cultural impact we make. The process of creation holds greater importance than the end result, as it molds us, matures us, and shapes us.

This process is comparable to the creation of a Tibetan mandala, a slow and deliberate process that ultimately holds no significance. However, it is this process that defines us and serves as the cornerstone of our impact on the world.

Our vision is a common thread that brings us together, despite our physical distance. This drive to create purpose and meaning is a manifestation of our spirit, an intangible and transcendent force that guides us.

There is no endpoint, only a continuous refinement of our choices and actions. These processes are merely a reflection of the spirit that drives us, a spirit that is omnipresent but cannot be grasped.

The essence of love is the appreciation of the little things in life, a recognition of the fact that there is always more to life than just our own existence.


Leading the charge with cutting-edge OSINT solutions to minimize risks and prevent crime.

Indicium is a tech security company preventing crime through innovative solutions using OSINT services, IT forensics, and cutting-edge technology for unparalleled insights. Led by experienced industry professionals, our goal is to be the leader in security enhancement for customers in a rapidly digitalizing world.

Indicium enhances passive data acquisition with innovative approaches, gathering information from diverse sources to identify companies and individuals. We extract maximum value from the data and offer unparalleled insights, leveraging extensive OSINT expertise to uncover unique angles of exploitation.


Styla allows you to create stunning content without touching a line of code.

Storytelling in the web so far doesn't have the power to emotionalize users as much as print-magazines do. Layouts are stiff and unemotional or they have to be created in painstaking manual labor at very high costs. Styla solves this problem by cutting out the designer from the value chain and by making all products in a magazine instantly shoppable.


Auctionata was the leading online platform for art & luxury collectibles.

Auctionata was the leading online auction house for art and luxury collectibles. As the inventor of the livestream auction, Auctionata broadcasted auctions in real-time and provided an online auction room that was accessible to bidders worldwide. Auctionata was the biggest auction house in Germany and operated globally with offices in New York, London, Zurich, Rome and Madrid.


His area of responsibility mainly involved:

  • Leading a team of 10 developers and QA engineers
  • Developing new systems according to specifications
  • Participated in agile development and code review processes
  • Ensured quality using TDD and BDD
  • Writing automated tests for various systems (including integration, unit, end-to-end and performance)
  • Improving overall quality by introducing new approaches to testing
  • Adopting new front-end frameworks
  • Improved the team software development lifecycle and processes
  • Working extensively with business owners and introduced new systems into production
  • DevOps responsibilities (monitoring, deploying and supporting and troubleshooting production systems)
  • Support responsibilities including supporting real-time processes
  • Extensive optimization experience
  • Working with various databases (relational, NoSQL, etc.)
  • Improved security of developed system using mentoring, support and code reviews
  • Introduced or significantly improved CI / CD processes
  • Contributed to adoption of Docker and dockerization of systems in development and production
  • Working and integrating with 3rd party services (payment providers, messaging platforms, salesforce, etc.)

Within a short period of time in our company, he proved himself to be an absolutely competent and experienced employee who could be assigned any task at any time as he had an expert knowledge of all areas. Combining extremely fast comprehension and highly developed methodology, he quickly found a clever and elegant solution for even the most difficult problem constellations.

Thanks to his optimistic and positive attitude, Mr. Sulayman invariably accomplished the requirements of his demanding position in an excellent fashion, even under the heaviest workload. His working method was very well planned, swift and results-oriented at all times. The work was always of excellent quality, even under changing requirements.

Mr. Sulayman impressed al all times with his very well thought-out and ambitious approach, which enabled him to fulfil the specified objectives to our utmost satisfaction at all times and within the set timeframe. He always acted single-handedly and confidently and thus at all limes was a highly reliable partner to his superiors.

He fully identified himself with his work and the company and always put them before personal gain when necessary. Thanks to his outstanding performance we were always extraordinarily pleased with him.

His attitude towards superiors, colleagues and co-workers was always excellent. Mr. Sulayman in every respect contributed to a superb and efficient teamwork.

[..] We regret his leaving very much and would like to thank him for his active and productive work in the wide range of tasks, his consistently excellent performance and very pleasant collaboration at all times. We wish Mr. Sulayman all the best and every success in his future professional and private life.

— Martin Pernecky × VP Engineering at Auctionata AG


Earn rewards from all of your favorite brands and stars, all on one account.

Fanmiles is the #1 platform for Fans, that rewards Fans with #fanmiles every time they engage with their stars, sports clubs and brands. With the #fanmiles they earn, Fans can redeem content and products from their stars in sports, music, TV, movie, gaming and entertainment.


Manage collaboration projects reliably and keep them on schedule.

Germany’s leading solutions provider for increasing productivity in product development, infrastructure and IT projects. RPLAN Connect allows plans to be created with just one click. Planning and execution can begin immediately – without significant time amounts of time being squandered on administration or the inputting of secondary content.


VP Engineering atIndicium Technologies AG.

I’m a passionate and adaptive software engineer driven by cutting-edge technologies with strong and solid knowledge of design patterns, agile development, TDD, OOP and other methodologies.


  • Node.js— since its inception, with in-depth knowledge about inner workings and strong experience scaling it to the millions.
  • Rust— for real-time systems that require the highest possible application safety and performance.
  • Mesos&Kubernetes— strong experience planning, implementing and configuring highly available and highly scalable infrastructures.
  • AWS,Google Cloud&OpenStack— strong experience implementing and automating self-scaling infrastructures, multi-region DNS, fail-resilient architectures, and full-region failovers.
  • Titanium SDK— planning and implementing dynamic and flexible mobile applications with multi-platform support and over-the-air hot-patch routines.
  • JavaScript(frontend) et al. — planning and implementing lightweight and highly-compatible real-time applications that leverage modern web-technologies (React, WebSocket, SSE, WebRTC, Canvas, and WebGL, ...).
  • Crypto— strong experience planning and implementing bank-grade infrastructures (KonTraG, Basel II, MaRisk; ISO/IEC 27001) and crypto systems (FIPS 140-2 Level 1).
    [employer undisclosed]
  • Cryptanalysis— experience implementing complex cryptanalysis modules.
    [employer undisclosed, classified]
  • Operations— managing multi-gigabit distributed networks.


  • Planning and implementation of a distributed, highly-available and politics-shielded on-premise infrastructure.
  • Planning and implementation of an encrypted and privacy-driven, globally distributed and redundant database storage architecture using Redis, PostgreSQL, Symas LMDB, LevelDB, Apache Hadoop, GluterFS, OpenVPN, Tor and Google Spanner.
  • Planning and implementation of a Docker-based, self-healing, fully virtualized and modular application architecture connecting multiple microservices powered by Rust and Node.js, powering a MediaWiki installation using Facebook HHVM and a custom C++-layer between HHVM and Nginx for ACL enforcement, fully monitored and instrumented by Sysdig Falco, Sysdig (online) and a custom kernel module for network risk-assessment and outlier detection, H2O for http2 termination and continuously backed-up using a custom distributed backup management system running on three regionally independent and isolated satellite on-premise servers via Tor.
  • Planning and implementation of a global censorship circumvention and detection system.

Tor (anonymity network)
  • Running three of the biggest exit nodes in the world with a throughput of over 3 Gbit/s at any given time.

Exceptional comprehension, methodology, performance, collaboration and efficient teamwork, planned, swift and result-oriented methods, an optimistic and positive attitude, well thought-out and ambitious approaches, clever and elegant solutions, honesty, deeply-rooted loyalty, confidence and reliability enable me to solve difficult problem constellations and fill even the most demanding positions under the heaviest workload.

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