My vision is not really a vision; it's a way of living.
A way of overcoming limitations of my life.

I see everything as an opportunity.
Everything is a stepping stone, albeit not very obvious ones;
it's ours to grab them and lay them down so that we can step over them.

I don't really care about the idea,
neither do I care about the project.
I care about the people we impact.
About the culture, not their altered consciousness.
In fact, I don't even care about that as much as I care about the process.

The project is like a tibetan mandala for me,
it takes ineffable amounts of time to build,
yet they don't mean anything.
It's the process of creation that makes us grow, that matures us.
That shapes us.

And if we don't change the world with this project,
everything we learned, everything that shaped us,
then suddenly becomes a cornerstone.
A cornerstone of the actual impact we have on the world.

We grow with each other, we're remote yet so close.
Because what connects us is a vision.

And that vision is far more abstract than we could grasp;
it's our drive to create meaning.
To create a purpose.

There's nothing like an "end,"
because the path we take,
the choices we make and the actions we take,
they are the ultimate goal.

We refine these processes,
over and over,
we create new ones.

But they really are a manifestation of our own spirit.

And that spirit is transcendent;
it's omnipresent, yet so opaque and ungraspable.
We cannot understand it, and we cannot see it.

Yet, it's everything.
It's the simple things that matter.

The things that we stumble upon.
It's the shapes of the stones on a beautiful beach.
It's the stars that we can see at night.
It's what makes us stand up every morning and drives us.

Love, essentially, is exactly that.
It's the ultimate appreciation of the little things.

The awareness that there's more than just us.

Kenan Sulayman, May 9th, 2017